So who is the bookstagang? A secret cabal? A school of fish in a morph suit? All of that and more? …read on if you dare.

We are Alessandra, Corrie, and Kelly, and we are the Picture Bookstagang! We invite you to join us every other week while we discuss amazing books and issues in children’s literature, as well as early literacy, education, and parenting as it relates to reading. We can’t wait to dig in deep and get nerdy about picture books with you. 

The podcast will dig deep into these magical little pieces of art known as picture books and have informed discussions about everything from how to diversify your bookshelf to digging into why we get so nostalgic about problematic books. We hope in the future to bring old and new concepts to the podcast like author and publishing industry interviews as well as some fun stuff like Librarian Fight Club!

Alessandra aka Ale (she/her) is a Canadian mother of two darling tyrannical overlords, River and Willow (ages four and two.) Although currently at home hiding from a global pandemic, she is a Primary school teacher by profession, specializing in Primary Vocal Music and Kindergarten.  She went to the University of Toronto where she got a couple of fancy awards and dressed quite smart. 

She now runs @Readwithriver to maintain some semblance of an adult life, share her love for kids books and help support parents to foster healthy early literacy routines at home.  She hopes one day to become the most famous word writer ever to grace this planet. 

Please follow her @readwithriver and check out her website where she says clever things and has pretty pictures.

Corrie (she/they) is the co-founder of The Tiny Activist, an alumni of the University of Massachusetts Boston, and has a master’s degree in Gender/Cultural Studies from Simmons University in Boston.  Corrie is most often found on Instagram, where she posts pictures of all the books she reads. Corrie would really like to learn blacksmithing, and her mission is to assist teachers in learning how to create a classroom atmosphere of diversity, inclusion, and celebration of everyone!

Kelly (she/her) is the parent of a super cool 4 year old human, and started @inclusivestorytime in May 2019 as a way to keep her family accountable to the picture books on their shelf. When the account began, they really didn’t think anyone would be looking. She was just looking for a way to take her family’s deep love of kid lit and be more critical of what they were consuming.

She has focused their time as a family on running fundraising initiatives and drives locally as well as community building and beginning her neighbourhood’s very first Pride Picnic. She is a forever social justice warrior and unapologetic intersectional feminist tucked way up in Canada sounded by stacks of books just looking for a good book nook to read in. You can check out her website at www.inclusivestorytime.com