Season 2 Episode 5 : “Incidental LGBTQ+ Representation in Picturebooks: A short history and a modern overview.”

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Show Notes of Season 2 Episode 5 

“Incidental LGBTQ+ Representation in Picturebooks: A short history and a modern overview.” 

Episode summary: 

What is incidental representation why is it important and how does it relate to LGBTQ+ representation in picture books. Today we discuss a brief history of LGBTQ+ representation in picture books how they’ve evolved and specifically focus on incidental and joyful new releases.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

-Topic 1 What is Incidental Representation?[2:06]

-Topic 2 BATHE THE CAT [4:42]


-Topic 4  AN ORDINARY DAY [12:00]

-Topic 5 MY WORDS [12:40]

-Topic 6  Two moms representation [14:07]

-Topic 7 A History of LGBTQ+ Picturebooks [15:17]

-Topic 8 Joyful Books about Love [17:13 ] 

-Topic 9 Incidental isn’t unimportant [22:00]

Books mentioned in this episode:


MR WATSON’S CHICKENS by Jarret Dapier and Andrea Tsurumi from Chronicle Books

BATHE THE CAT by Alice B. McGinty and David Roberts from Chronicle Books 


HARRIET GETS CARRIED AWAY  by Jessie Sima from Simon 


NOT QUITE NARWHAL by Jessie Sima from Simon
AN ORDINARY DAY by Elana K. Arnold and Elizabet Vukovic from Beach Lane Books 


 HALLOWEEN: MY WORLD IN 100 Words from Happy Yak 

 MY HOME: MY WORLD IN 100 WORDS (Disability rep)


WHEN I’M NOT LOOKING by Farren Phillips from Yeehoo Press


HEATHER HAS TWO MOMMIES by Leslea Newman and Laura Cornell from Candlewick


 DADDY’S ROOMMATE by Michael Willhoite from Alyson Books 


 LOVE VIOLET by Charlotte Sullivan Wild and Charlene Chua from Farrar, Straus and Giroux

 FROM ARCHIE TO ZACK by Vincent Kirsch from ‎ Harry N. Abrams

MAIDEN AND PRINCESS by Daniel Haack, Isabel Galupo, et al. from Little Bee Books

PRINCE AND KNIGHT by Daniel Haack and Stevie Lewis from Little Bee Books 

18:09 GRANDDAD’S CAMPER by Harry Woodgate from Little Bee Books 

18:58 A PLAN FOR POPS by Heather Smith and Brooke Kerrigan from Orca 

20:21 BEDTIME NOT PLAYTIME by Lawrence Schimel and Elīna Brasliņa from Orca 

EARLY ONE MORNING by Lawrence Schimel and Elīna Brasliņa from Orca 

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