Season 2 Episode 4: The Aussies Best of 2021

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“Aussie Bookstagang BEST Picture Books of 2021”

Episode summary: 

  Lucy @lovefourreading Shannon @ohcreativeday and Kristen @artsplorers_au , members of the Australian Bookstagang get together to give us the rundown on the Aussie Best of 2021 Picturebook winners.  Giving us insight into the trends, the values, and the greatest picturebook beauties that Australia has produced in 2021. 

Topics discussed in this episode: 

-Topic 1 Future Coco Introduces[0.11]

-Topic 2 The Aussie Bookstagang Competition Categories[1:10]

-Topic 3 Guest Host Introductions [3:18]

-Topic 4  Aussie Picturebook trends for 2021 [3:56]

-Topic 5 The Curiosities [7:22]

-Topic 6 Australian Picture Books with an American Perspective [8:40]

-Topic 7 Wordless picturebooks [14:09]

-Topic 8 Non-Fiction [15:25] 

-Topic 9 Independent and Boutique Publishers in Australia [16:09]

-Topic 10 Board Books [18:24]

Aussie Bookstagang 2021 Picturebook winners:

Best Board Books:

RHYME HUNGRY by Antonia Pesenti from Scribble

HOW TO SAY HELLO by Sophie Beer from Hardie Grant 

I CAN PLAY WITH ANYTHING! & I CAN WEAR ANYTHING! By Susann Hoffman from Hardie Grant

WECLOME, CHILD! By Sally Morgan from Magabala 

Best Picturebooks: 

BACKYARD MAGIC by Wenda Shurety and Harriet Hobday from Affirm

THE KATHA CHEST by Radhiah Chowdhury and Lavanya Naidu from Allen and Unwin 

THE BOY WHO TRIED TO SHRINK HIS NAME by Sandhya Parappukkaran and Michelle Pereira from Hardie Grant 

ARNO AND HIS HORSE by Jane Godwin and Felicita Sala from Scribble

Best Biography:

KUNYI by Kunyi June Anne McInerney from Magabala

FREEDOM DAY: VINCENT LINGIARI AND THE STORY OF THE WAVE HILL WALK-OFF by Thomas Mayor, Rosie Smiler and Samantha Campbell from Hardie Grant 

CATHY FREEMAN BORN TO RUN by Cathy Freeman and Charmaine Ledden-Lewis from Puffin

ALBERT NAMATJIRA by Vincent Namatjira  from Magabala 

Best Non-Fiction:


AUSTRALIAN BACKYARD BIRDIES by Andy Geppert from Hachette 

THE BOOK OF HAPPY HEARTS by MAggie Hutchings and Jess Racklyeft from Affirm 

WE GO WAY BACK by Idan Ben-Barak and Philip Bunting from Allen and Unwin 

Best Graphic Novels

OLLIE AND BEA by Renee Tremi from Allen and Unwin 

PAWCASSO by Remy Lai from Allen and Unwin 

TREASURE IN THE LAKE by Jason Pamment from Allen and Unwin 

Best Illustration: 

THE BOY AND THE ELEPHANT by Freya Blackwood from Harper Collins

I’M FABULOUS CRAB! By Nicki Greenberg from Affirm 

RAJAH STREET by Myo Yim from Walker 

DOWN THE ROAD, LITTLE BEE by Sarah Lightfoot from Affirm

Best Picturebook for Older Readers:

THE CURIOSITIES by Zana Fraillon and Phil Lesnie from Hachette 

Best Middle Grade:

RABBIT, SOLDIER, ANGEL, THIEF by Katrina Nannestad from Harper Collins 

MY BROTHER BEN by Peter Carnavas from UQP

DRAGON SKIN by Karen Foxlee from Allen and Unwin 

Other titles also mentioned in this episode:

RHYME CORDIAL by Antonia Pesenti from Scribble 

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