Season 2 Episode 1: Lazy Diversity in Children’s Books

Season 2 Episode 1 

Lazy Diversity in Children’s Books

Stand out  Quotes for this episode 

Corrie: 26:02 “representation is not like collecting pokemon cards.” 

Resources mentioned in this Episode

15:49 Teaching for Change book

9: 18 Lucy Catchpole  ( “disability and diversity must be researched as well as non-fiction books” is from the work of Lucy Catchpole, please refer to the Catchpoles Instagram for more of their thoughts on disability representation in kidlit and order a copy of their fab own voices book “What Happened to You?” published by Faber out April 1 2021. )

17:48 Palate by Felicity paint bucket post 

20:16  min Little Feminist Board Books 

20:30 My Family Your Family Board Book

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