PB&J Episode 10: Jacque Lynn & Lydia Nichols

Show Notes PB&J “Space Matters”


PB&J: Interview with Jacque Lynn & Lydia Nichols 

Episode summary: 

Corrie from @thetinyactivists interview the creators of the new picture book “Space Matters” author Jacque Lynn and illustrator Lydia Nichols. An unusual picture book that focuses on negative space, mindfulness and critical thinking.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

-Topic 1 How Jacque and Lydia An Author & Illustrator (1:09)

-Topic 3 Writing “Space Matters” (5:00)

-Topic 4  Illustration Process of “Space Matters” (7:29)

-Topic 5  Working Routine (12:05)

-Topic 6  The Finished Book (17:40)

-Topic 7 Almost Ready To Launch (19:50)

-Topic 8  The Chain Of Creation and Collaboration (21:20)

-Topic 9 What do you look for in a Great Picture Book? (23:49)

-Topic 10 Changes in the Publishing Industry Going Forward  (30:30) 

-Topic 11 Giving more space for diversity and in non urban stories (33:00)

-Topic 12 Best Books they’ve read this year (35:31)

Books Mentioned 

“In The Half Room” Carson Ellis 

“The Whale and the Fish Bowl” Troy Howell

“You Matter” Christian Robinson

“I Wonder” K.A. Holdt (A book about asking questions)

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