PB&J Episode 7: Catchpoles Interview

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PB&J: Interview with Lucy and James Catchpole

Episode summary: 

Ale chats with Lucy and James Catchpole of the Catchpole Agency of Oxford England.  Lucy and James are a married team of disabled literary agents who represent Picture books and YA Fiction.  They can be found on Instagram, @thecatchpoles where they blog about books, family life, disability and disability representation in kidlit.  They also sometimes host a live singing playgroup! Multi talented! James is also releasing his first book “What Happened to you?” in 2021 about a boy with one leg fending off intrusive questions.  In today’s episode we chat about disability representation in kid lit, and James’ upcoming book!

Topics discussed in this episode: 

-Topic 1 Introduction to the Catchpoles [0:33]

-Topic 2 Centring the disabled child in kid lit [2:36]

-Topic 3 The trouble with Sensitivity Readers [5:55]

-Topic 4  Disability Adjacent Authors are not #ownvoices [10:28]

-Topic 5  James’ Inspiration and Book [16:59]

Books, Resources, Etc. Mentioned

Preorder James’ Book https://blackwells.co.uk/bookshop/product/What-Happened-to-You-by-James-Catchpole-Karen-George-illustrator/9780571358311

Follow the Catchpoles 

On Instagram @thecatchpoles

On Twitter @peachjamcloset

Website http://www.thecatchpoleagency.co.uk/

Episode transcript: For a transcript of this audio recording head over to https://picturebookstagang.wordpress.com/

Catchpole Disability in KidLit Reviews can be found #KidLitCripCrit

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