EP 10: Social-Emotional Learning with Dolisha Mitchell

“Supporting Social Emotional Learning with Picture Books: Guest Host Dolisha Mitchell @LittleBlackBookNook” 

Episode summary: 

This week on the Picturebookstagang we welcome our good friend Dolisha Mitchell SEL expert and Bookstagrammer, @LittleBlackBookNook. Dolisha shares with us some of the basic tenets of SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and some of her favourite books to use!

Guest Host: Dolisha Mitchell

Instagram @LittleBlackBookNook

Website https://littleblackbooknook.com/

Twitter: @lbbnook

PBS Article  https://www.pbs.org/parents/authors/dolisha-mitchell

Topics discussed in this episode: 

-Topic 1 Dolisha Discovers Bookstagram [1:51]

-Topic 2 Dolisha the SEL Coach [7:13]

-Topic 3 About SEL [12:26]

-Topic 4  SEL in a Pandemic [16:29]

-Topic 5 SEL for Parents [22:23]

-Topic 6 Picture books for SEL [31:35]

-Topic 7 Book trends of 2020 [40:53]

-Topic 8 #Bookstagram [47:17] 

-Topic 9 Misleading Covers [27:44]

-Topic 10 Personal Preference and Aesthetic trends [29:56]

Books mentioned in this episode:

“The Whole Brain Child” Dr. Dan Siegel

“Punished By Rewards” Alfie Kohn

“Flipping Your Lid”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0T_2NNoC68

“The Rabbit Listened” Cori Doerrfeld 

“Ruby Finds A Worry “ Tom Percival

“Ravi’s Roar” Tom Percival

“Meesha Makes Friends: A Bright Feelings Book” Tom Percival

“When Sadness Comes to Call” Eva Eland 

“The Happy Book” Andy Rash

“Class act”  Jerry Kraft

“The New Kid” by Jerry Kraft

“Julian at the Wedding” Jessica Love

“Jabari Tries” Gaia Cornwall 

Also Mentioned (not a book): Water Beads


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