EP 8: How Men Ruined ‘Once Upon a Time’: Fairy Tales Through the Ages

Episode summary: 

Today we discuss European Fairy tales, their origin, evolution, and effect on Western Society and the young reader.  Each well known Fairy Tale from “The Little Mermaid” to “Little Red Riding Hood” has a complex and long history, with hidden messages and strange beginnings.  Do fairy tales have a place on the modern book shelf, or are they antiquated vestiges of patriarchal oppressive propaganda?

Topics discussed in this episode: 

-Topic 1 Introduction and Scope [1:10]

-Topic 2 The Brothers Grimm [1:58]

-Topic 3 Hans Christian Anderson was Gay? [3:27]

-Topic 4  Coco hates the Patriarchy [9:46]

-Topic 5 The influence of Disney [15:06]

-Topic 6  Fractured Fairy Tales [20:00]

-Topic 7 Are Fairy Tales Valuable today? [24:06]

Resources mentioned in this episode:

1- [13:22 ] “5 Ways Grimm’s Fairy Tales Changed after the First Edition” Keyser, Hannah. 


2- [13:54] Jen Campbell Fairy Tale Historian Youtuber  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jit32hKZ-BM – Transforming Our Understanding of Fairy Tales | Anne Duggan | TEDxWayneStateU



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