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Show Notes Interview 3


“Interview with Author Dr. Cara Florance”

Episode summary: 

Today Ale interviews Dr.Cara Florance, phD in biochemistry and and author of a whole bunch of books for children most recently she’s been working on her “Baby Medical School” series which is CO authored with her husband Jon who is also a medical doctor and the series includes “My Doctor’s Visit” which is my Toddler Willow’s absolute favourite book she carries it in a little lady bug backpack everywhere she goes “Vaccines,” “Bacteria and Antibodies,” “DNA” and “Enzymes” “Proteins” and “RNA.” Doctor Florance also Co-authored a number of the “Baby University” series books the “ABC’s of Biology,” “Nuclear Physics for Babies,” and “Organic Chemistry for Babies” and a “Evolution for Babies” so it’s a just a light reading list of some very a light topics there. And you may also know her from her Instagram account which is very popular

Topics discussed in this episode: 

-Topic 1 Introduction to Cara [0:43]

-Topic 2 What is a Diverse Picture Book Collection? [2:45]

-Topic 3 Cara’s Experience from Self Published to Traditional Publishing [2.38]

-Topic 4  Cara’s Instagram Journey [9:30]

-Topic 5  Reactions to the “Vaccines” and “Evolution” books [10:53]

-Topic 6  The need for better Science Education in the USA [15:45]

-Topic 7  Anti Science as a product of Privilege [20:45] 

-Topic 8  Advice to Parents [22:39]

Resources and Creators mentioned in this episode:

1- Buy Cara’s Books

2-Follow Cara on Instagram


3-More about Chris Ferrie Co-Author of Baby University


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