EP 6: Librarian Fight Club

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Show Notes Episode 6


“#LibrarianFightClub: Internet Fights about Picture Books”

Episode summary: 

Sometimes a book just rubs you the wrong way, and sometimes, it’s overtly or subtly racist, misogynistic, or otherwise deeply problematic.  #Librarianfightclub is an Instagram event where people duke it out over picture books.  When is a book just bad? Check out the hashtag on Instagram #LibrarianFightClub to add your opinion to the mix.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

-Topic 1 What is #LibrarianFightClub? [2:02]

-Topic 2 Discussing Deeply Problematic Books  [6:18]

-Topic 3 Criticism of the Classics in a post Uprising World [4:39]

-Topic 4  Nostalgia and Problem Books  [12;28]

-Topic 5  Modelling Critical Analysis with Children [15:23]

-Topic 6  Why You should Care even if it doesn’t affect you personally [23:48]

-Topic 7  What book would you like to see on #LibrarianFightClub? [24:38]

Resources Mentioned:

21:51: Vanessa Rhinesmith https://www.vanessarhinesmith.com/

10:28 – Dr. Seuss and The Conscious Kid


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