EP 4: Early Literacy Routines at Home

Show Notes:

Picture Bookstagang Podcast

Show Notes Episode 4


““Raising Readers: Supporting Early Literacy At Home”

Episode summary: 

How do you support early literacy development at home? In today’s episode the Picture Bookstagang discusses setting practical and feasible routines, and making choices in the activities that we do to help our children get a head start on reading, writing, and developing a lifelong love of reading.   

Topics discussed in this episode: 

-Topic 1 Introduction to supporting literacy at home [0:47]

-Topic 2 Worksheet practice: worth it or waste? [2:47]

-Topic 3 Reading and Talking with kids [4:39]

-Topic 4  Checking for Comprehension  [5:54]

-Topic 5  Making Inferences [7:19]

-Topic 6  Making Connections [7:35]

-Topic 7  Books, Books, Everywhere [10:44]

-Topic 8  Words out in the Wild [13:06]

-Topic 9 Life skills and Early Literacy [13:47]

-Topic 10 We Love Libraries [18:37]

-Topic 11 Read you own books too [19:35]

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