EP 3: How to Diversify your Children’s Book Collection

From the perspective of Bookstagram Picture Book Reviewers this episode touches on the question of how to begin creating and cultivating a Diverse Picture Book Collection.  Why children need diversity in their books, and how to think critically about what they are seeing.  This episode also discusses the issues surrounding removing certain older books from collections that may have harmful messages.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

-Topic 1 Interest in Diverse Children’s Books since the BLM uprisings [0:56]

-Topic 2 What is a Diverse Picture Book Collection? [2:45]

-Topic 3 The #inclusivebookshelfchallenge [3:18]

-Topic 4  Beyond Serious Books  [7:52]

-Topic 5  Age Appropriate Book Selections [13:46]

-Topic 6  What is your goal? [16:19]

-Topic 7  Questions to guide your book selections [17:32]

-Topic 8  Removing Problematic Books [20:02]

-Topic 9 Addressing Problematic Images with Critical Questioning [22:41]

-Topic 10 No More Dr.Seuss [29:08]

-Topic 11 We Need Overt Anti-Racist, LGBTQ Positive Messages [32:41]

Resources and Creators mentioned in this episode:

1- BIPOC [2:45]


2- #inclusivebookshelfchallenge [3:18]

3- @TheConsciousKid [5:30]


4- Teaching For Change, 10 Quick Ways to Analyze Children’s Books for Sexism and Racism PDF [6:03]

5- Britt Hawthorne [7:52]

6- “Going Up” Sherry Lee [11:30] 


7-”A is for Activist” by Innosanto Nagara [13:46]


8-  Questions to Help Diversify Your Bookshelf [17:32]


9-  @Readlikearockstar [29:08] 


10-  #Librarianfightclub [31:31] 

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