EP 1: Finding Kindred Spirits on Bookstagram, An Introduction to the Picture Bookstagang

An introduction to the Picture Bookstagang’s three hosts, Kelly a Canadian parent and book lover who runs @inclusivestorytime, Corrie an American academic and educator who runs @thetinyactivists, and Ale a Canadian parent and Primary school teacher who runs @readwithriver. The three friends discuss the world of Bookstagram, and their journey together within it.  They also introduce some of the topics you can expect to be discussed on the podcast, diversity in children’s books, early literacy, wicked cool books, the publishing industry, and much more.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

-Topic 1 Introduction to the hosts [0:36]

-Topic 2 Why picture books? [6:20]

-Topic 3 Our friendship story and the #Bookstagang club [7:55]

-Topic 4  Building a Diverse Bookshelf [11:40]

-Topic 5  Terms we use (Windows & Mirrors, BIPOC, Intersectionality, Own Voices) [15:00]

-Topic 6  Topics in future episodes [22:53]

Resources mentioned in this episode:\

1- Windows & Mirrors [15:00] https://nationalseedproject.org/Key-SEED-Texts/curriculum-as-window-and-mirror

2- BIPOC [16:20]



3- Intersectional [17:05]



4- Own Voices [17:53]

Episode transcript: For a transcript of this audio recording head over to https://picturebookstagang.wordpress.com/

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